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GP Clinic Servicing People of Bentleigh & Surrounding Areas

Bentleigh, located 13 km southeast of Melbourne's Central Business District within the City of Glen Eira, is a suburb witnessing steady population growth. The 2021 census recorded 17,921 residents, reflecting the suburb's ongoing development.

In this diverse community, health services play a crucial role in ensuring residents' well-being. Bentleigh Doctors, a local GP clinic, serves as a primary healthcare provider, addressing the medical needs of Bentleigh and its surroundings.

The demographic makeup of Bentleigh is varied, with 61.6% of residents born in Australia and contributions from other countries like China (5.6%), England (3.4%), India (2.8%), New Zealand (1.9%), and Greece (1.5%). Language diversity is present, with 67.2% primarily speaking English and other languages such as Mandarin, Greek, Russian, Italian, and Cantonese, which are spoken at home.

Bentleigh is fortunate to have a decent healthcare infrastructure. The local scene includes pharmacies, allied health clinics, and easy access to major hospitals. The Alfred Hospital, a public facility with an Emergency Department, is an 18-minute drive from Bentleigh Doctors, ensuring residents have access to urgent medical care.

Additionally, Holmsgen Private, a private hospital with an Emergency Department, is conveniently located just 8 minutes away by car. This accessibility to both public and private healthcare facilities caters to diverse medical needs.

In summary, Bentleigh, with its multicultural community and growing population, has a reasonably equipped healthcare infrastructure. Bentleigh Doctors, along with pharmacies, allied health clinics, and proximity to major hospitals, strives to meet the health needs of the community.